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University of Pittsburgh

The Department of Parking, Transportation and Service's Central Receiving Office is responsible for:

On Campus Moves

A moving service is provided to customers and the University through Central Receivings' University Movers. The University Movers provide services for both on-campus and off-campus moves for the University. The University Movers are also the only authorized movers for on-campus moves. The service is billed by hourly rates, and the service can be obtained by phone at (412) 624-6500 or fax at (412) 624-6590. Faxes should contain the following information:

  • Your present location or address.
  • Your new location or address.
  • The current telephone and fax number to be contacted.
  • The account number to which the move is to be billed.
  • The type of equipment or material to be moved, and the quantity.
  • The approximate or actual date the move is to occur.

A supervisor will then make an on-site inspection, and determine the time and equipment required to complete the job. At that time, a date and start time for the move will be determined.

Packaging Services and Supplies

Central Receiving provides various packaging services such as package pick-ups, package delivery, and package tracking. Same day service is available in most cases for these services. Any of these services may be obtained by calling (412) 624-6500.

Central Receiving also provides various packaging supplies such as, boxes, rolls of tape, bubble wrap, and package wrap. All of these supplies can be purchased and delivered to the customer for a minimal fee. Call (412) 624-6500 for any information or to order supplies from Central Receiving.

All Campus Deliveries

Central Receiving can be reached at (412) 624-6500; Fax: (412) 624-6590; or email